Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

The Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce forbids discrimination against any member, employee applicant for employment, or vendor, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, genetics/genetic predisposition, veteran status and any other legally protected status.

This policy extends to all terms, conditions and privileges of employment, as well as the use of all Chamber facilities.  The equal employment opportunity for all individuals portion of this policy applies to all Chamber-sponsored activities, including the following:

  1. Recruitment, advertising, and job application procedures.
  2. Hiring, upgrading, award of tenure, promotion, demotion, transfer, layoff, termination, right of return from layoff, and rehiring.
  3. Rate of pay or any other form of compensation and changes in compensation.
  4. Job assignments, job classifications, organizational structure, position descriptions, job standards, performance standards, and lines of progression and seniority status.
  5. Sick leave, personal leave, or any other leave.
  6. Discretionary or fringe benefits available by virtue of employment, whether or not administered by the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  7. Selection and financial support for training, including apprenticeships and professional development.
  8. Activities sponsored by the company, including social gatherings.
  9. Any other terms, conditions or privileges of employment.

Harassment, retaliation, coercion, interference or intimidation to any member, job applicant or employee because of that person’s race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected status is strictly forbidden.  Any employee who observes or experiences such activity should report it immediately, either verbally or in writing, directly to the Chamber’s President, his or her designee, or to the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Director’s Chair.

Any employee found to have engaged in any of the discriminatory practices outlined above, will be subject to appropriate sanctions, including, but not limited to, warning, suspension or termination of employment.

The Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce will advise the complainant of the outcome of the investigation, as long as the complainant is still employed by the Chamber at the conclusion of said investigation.

If an individual believes they are the subject of discrimination, they can file a complaint with these resources:

Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
333 Market Street, 8th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101-2210
(717) 787-4410

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
131 M Street, NE
Washington, DC 20507


The Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce will advise the complainant of the outcome of the investigation, as long as the complainant is still employed by the Chamber at the conclusion of said investigation.

Marketing and Promotion Policies

Attendee consent to photos/videos – The Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce may take photographs and record short segments of audio and video during events, workshops, marketing, and promotional activities. In consideration for your attendance at the event you grant the chamber the right to record, film, photograph, or capture your likeness and to use that likeness with your name and your company’s or organization’s name, for any future event publicity activity including without limitation any written materials such as brochures and e-mails, and postings to websites or social media, without any further approval from you and without any payment to you or your company or organization.

Recording Events – The Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce does not permit any audio recording, video recording, screen recording, live streaming, or any other type of recording of any Chamber-created/hosted event, workshop, seminar, or training without permission from Chamber Staff in advance of the event. Invited press are excluded from this policy but may not broadcast an event in its entirety without prior consent.

Copyright – All event materials, including handouts, books, pamphlets, slides, illustrations, and other content, are the copyright of the creator of the content or the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Convenience Fees for Credit Card Use

Operating as a non-profit, we have found it necessary to add a 3% convenience fee for all transactions using a credit card. Payments can be made by ACH, check, or cash without incurring a fee.
If paying by credit card, a convenience fee of 3% will be applied to cover the cost of accepting this payment.

Registration Cancellation Policy

If an attendee is registered for an event incurring a fee to participate, cancellations must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance to be considered for a refund. Some events require additional notice. Please review individual event listings in the Chamber Event Calendar for exceptions to this policy.

If an event is missed due to unforeseen issues (illness, work interference, other emergencies) a refund will not be provided. For most events, the Chamber has paid for service, food, and accommodation for the attendee count 3-7 days in advance. Discounts are not given to the chamber for no-shows therefore refunds are at a loss to the Chamber.

Who is a Membership Representative?

As a member, your dues are based on your employee count. Therefore all employees within that count are eligible to attend events and programming as a member even if they are not currently listed in your company profile.

Non-profits and volunteer-only organizations, are permitted to register named officers of their board of directors to represent the organization with the understanding that they are at the event representing the organization.

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