Workforce Data
Regional Workforce Initiatives
Current Initiatives

Local Employers Workforce Development Initiatives

  • First Aid and Safety Patrol, Inc -created an academy to support their workforce pipeline. Participants gain advanced credentials while being paid
  • B. R. Kreider & Son– Internal Training program design, with three full-time trainers, supporting employees at all levels of expertise.
  • G.F Bowman: Implemented an internal Career Ladder and development strategy.
  • Weaber Lumber-Provides bus transportation for employees on all shifts.
  • WellSpan Health-Internal Surgical Tech Training Program/Redesigned Job Descriptions to support student training and rotations.
  • VFC– Robust DEI culture
  • Bell and Evans: Employee Wellbeing Strategy
  • Reskilling strategies are currently in place at the majority of manufacturing organizations -supporting the implementation of automation.


Non-Profit Organizations:

Developing Opportunities:
  • Reinventing Our Communities (ROC)-Lebanon County Workforce Focus:  During the 14-month ROC program, cohorts participate in a racial equity training program led by research and practitioner experts, attend interactive webinars on topics related to housing or the labor market, and receive coaching and advising from national community and economic development leaders. Cohorts will develop a multiyear equity plan designed to strengthen their regional economy through community-led, data-driven strategies. Participants will also engage in peer learning and have opportunities to network with communities across the nation facing similar challenges.
  • Economic Mobility in Rural Workforce Grant- Implementing  a comprehensive strategy connecting young adults ( 18-24) with existing one-stop navigator resources leveraging county community partnerships, business relationships, and educational organizations.
Businesses Supporting Our Future Workforce

Career Discovery and Work Based Learning (WBL) offers an intentional opportunity for the future workforce (students/adults) with real-world work experiences. Opportunities include awareness, exploration, preparation and training.


  • Employer Work Based Education Toolkit. The Employer Work Based Education Toolkit was developed to provide guidelines and planning steps for business organizations.
  • Share Your Experiences: Local school district counselors and students frequently utilize the chambers member directory to look for Career Discovery and Work -Based Education Options. Please complete the survey to allow the chamber to update the membership directory.

The Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce serves as a catalyst in addressing current and emerging workforce challenges by supporting regional businesses, non-profits, and academic institutions through advocacy, collaboration, and awareness initiatives.

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Sharing your Career Development/Work Based Leaning Opportunities

Businesses play a vital role in supporting the future workforce through work-based education experiences. Options vary and all support students with the transition from education to employment by equipping them with the skills, confidence, and practical learning experiences that combine academic knowledge with real-world workplace skills.
Please choose the current options your organization is involved in. This data will be included in the business directory, where school counselors, parents, and students rely on it to discover available opportunities.
Connections and Resource Options. Please select any that are of interest to you.
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